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03 Apr 2019
Peer Learning

On Friday, the Primary 6s went to Junior School to teach a small group of younger children a lesson. All the P6s had very different lessons to teach. There was knitting, lacrosse, basketball, candle making, dancing, badminton and many more things. We had to plan the lesson on our own and organise all the things that we needed. Before we started the lesson, we had to spend time getting to know the girls that we were going to teach.

We learnt that we had to explain things very clearly and it was useful to have a demonstration to show them. A hard thing was making sure that you didn't run out of things to do but some people found they had too much to do. The younger girls were very well behaved, and they listened to everything we said. We think that they enjoyed their lessons with us. Thank you to the Junior School teachers for letting us borrow your children. We would really like to do something like this again. We now know how hard our teachers work to plan our lessons!

Sofia, Emily and Iris.

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