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03 Apr 2019
Lothian Area Team Young Enterprise Scotland Awards Evening

Young Enterprise Scotland Logo 250wEdinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus, Thursday 28 March 2019 

17 companies participated in the Awards Evening which is the culmination of the Young Enterprise Scotland Programme in the Lothian area. The standard as usual was extremely high. The 5 St George’s companies, Scrunchbunch, Stuffed, Charmed, Fuzzy Feet and Hoops presented in a professional manner looking smart and confident. The presentations were more diverse than in the past as we had a rap from Fuzzy Feet and a game show “Who would buy a travel mug?” from Stuffed.

Well done to them all for getting to the end of the programme which has included writing reports, going to interviews, sitting an examination and then presenting which has amounted to a fair bit of stress for them all in the last few weeks.

The following students worked extremely hard along with the rest of their company to achieve so much recognition this year and receive the following awards.

Individual Awards

Best HR Director - 2nd place - Sophia from Scrunchbunch

Best Marketing Director - 3rd place - Mahnoor from Stuffed

Best Finance Director - 1st place - Lexi from Hoops

Best Sales Director - 2nd place - Rishika from Charmed

Best Company Secretary - 3rd place - Lara from Fuzzy Feet

Best Company Secretary - 2nd place - Yumi and Tala from Stuffed

Whole Group Awards

Best Video - 3rd place - Stuffed

Best Presentation - 3rd equal place - Stuffed and Fuzzy Feet

Stuffed ImisiStuffed groupScrunchbunch groupHoops groupFuzzy Feet SaffronFuzzy Feet groupCharmed JoannaCharmed groupCharmed AlexBest Finance Director Award Lexie from Hoops

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