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02 May 2019
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Primary 1 have started learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Our caterpillars arrived amid great excitement on Tuesday. We have five little caterpillars in each classroom but even after two days, they have grown bigger and fatter. We were surprised that the tub did not have any leaves in it for the caterpillars to eat or any water to drink but they have a sludgy brown food which provides all they need and which they really seem to like!

We are going to watch them grow until each caterpillar becomes a pupa in a chrysalis and then changes in to a butterfly. We learned that this change is called metamorphosis and will take about two or three weeks. We can’t wait to watch each stage of this amazing transformation and to see our beautiful butterflies emerge! We are making Life Cycle of a Butterfly booklets to record the journey of our caterpillars.

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