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02 May 2019
Primary 2 Visit the Glasgow Science Centre

We went to the Glasgow Science Centre on Thursday, 25th April. We went on a coach. It was a long drive to Glasgow. When we arrived, we had our snack. We went into a part of the science centre called The Egg and we learnt about what happens inside our body when we eat food. We learnt that we have different kinds of teeth and they do different jobs. Our front teeth are called incisors and they cut our food. We have canines that grip and rip. We have molars and they grind our food. After being mashed up by our teeth, our food goes down the oesophagus. Then it goes to the stomach where it gets mashed up even more. The food then goes to the small intestine. Our small intestine is 7 ½  meters long. It keeps all the good stuff in and pushes out all the bad stuff into the large intestine. The large intestine keeps all the water in and finally gets rid of the waste!

We loved the workshop, especially the part where we were split into two groups and had to pass a ball quickly through a long tube to help us understand how our small intestine works. We enjoyed going on the coach. We enjoyed all the fun interactive displays and games on all the floors. Some of our favourites were the machine that could make bubbles in the oil, optical illusion activities, playing with magnets, motorbike that showed the skeleton and the science play area. We loved going on the big coach and some of us slept on the way back. Our absolute favourite parts were the hamster's wheel, taking a year group photo with a statue, celebrating Fleur's birthday and eating Fleur's yummy birthday cake!

By P2X and P2Y


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