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02 May 2019
Primary 1 Swimming

Swim P1 240wThe P1 girls were very excited to be the youngest ever St George’s swimmers! Here is what they had to say:

  • “It’s so much fun!”
  • “I love it!”
  • “We play tig in the pool and it’s great fun.”
  • “I liked putting my face in the water.”
  •  “I don’t feel that I am quite confident yet to put my head under water, but my nose wants to do it. It doesn’t like just blowing bubbles! I want to try putting my head right in next time.”
  • “The water was cold when I got in, but I warmed up.”
  • “I liked making a starfish in the water.”
  • “First, I started by blowing bubbles, then I could put my ears in and then I could put my whole head in!”
  • “It was exciting!”
  • “I really liked pushing off from the side like a rocket!”
  • “I liked putting my face under the water.”
  • “I like blowing bubbles in the water.”

The girls are focusing on water confidence and are enjoying all the games and activities designed to encourage this.

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