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01 May 2019
Flowers Under the Microscope

In Big Owls, we learnt all about the different parts of a flower and had a closer look at them using the microscope. The girls were very excited to find a bouquet of pink Tiger Lilies in the classroom on Tuesday morning. The anthers of the flowers were long and had orange coloured pollen on them. The stigma of the follower was quite sticky, and the petals had a bright pink colour. It smelled lovely!

We cut tiny bits of the petals and stem and collected some pollen from the anthers to place on the slide of the microscope. What happened afterwards was extraordinary! The stem looked like a rock and inside had a pink colour. The petal looked almost like our skin, but it was lumpy and shiny. Finally, the pollen had a bright orange colour and just a tiny bit of it had thousands of grains of pollen!

The girls enjoyed looking through the microscope and asked if we can have a look at other things. As a continuation, we are going to gather natural material from our garden to put under the microscope. I wonder what a minibeast looks like from up-close?

IMG 1461IMG 1432IMG 1428IMG 1343IMG 1323

Pink Tiger Lilly 584w

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