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02 May 2019
Remove Games Evening

On Friday night, the Removes had a sports social with Merchiston school.  We were split into two different groups so we could go and play games.  First, we played tennis and we started by playing doubles; girls vs boys.  We also played Around the World, which was really fun. Then we swapped with the other group and played rounders. This was a good opportunity to test our teamwork whilst working with the boys.

Then we went into the Lower Centre and had a light snack that included crisps, flavored water and a cream egg. Once we had finished, we went downstairs to do some Just Dance, which everybody enjoyed having with their friends. To finish with, our teachers played the well-known song Shotgun, and it was nice to see everyone having a lovely time to wrap up a great night.

Antonia and Susanna RQ

Sports Social 584w

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