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02 May 2019
Canadian Exchange

On 13 April ten St George's girls flew to Toronto, Canada. We were very warmly welcomed into our host families, Havergal College and St Clement's. The weekend started very busily, with some of us going to the CN Tower and others to Niagara Falls. Then, Monday was our first day of school. We all enjoyed it very much, making new friends, meeting all the teachers and enjoying the new activities and classes. We all felt that the week went by really quickly. We had a long weekend because it was Easter, and we all did some more really fun and exciting activities for example: inside skydiving, flying to Alberta, Riplies Aquarium and some more of what Toronto had for us... Then came the last few days.

On the last Wednesday some of us attended a typical Canadian musical called "Come from Away" and visited City Hall afterwards. Thursday was our last full night in Toronto so all exchanges from Havergal College and St Clement's School met up for dinner and all celebrated this amazing experience as well as Olivia's birthday. When it came to Friday we were all in tears as we said goodbye to our new Canadian friends, our amazing exchanges (our host families who we felt really attached to) and this beautiful city... This was an amazing learning experience!

Emilie and Olivia

On 13 April we flew to Toronto in Canada. When we arrived there, we went to St Clement's School for two weeks. We had lots of fun! Some of our highlights were the Edge Walk where we walked along the edge of the CN Tower and the Blue Jays game where we watched them play the Giants. We really enjoyed our stay, and everyone was so nice.

Anna and Isla

On Saturday, we arrived back home from Toronto, Canada. We stayed at our exchange partners' homes and lived life like them for 2 weeks. The experience was amazing and very eye opening. Our only regret was that we didn't stay longer!

Komal, Kate, Olivia and Charlotte 

My time in Canada was really amazing! It showed me how much more capable I was than I thought, it also gave me that opportunity to branch out and be little bit more responsible. It let me to figure out how to deal with difficult situations like flying by myself and homesickness. It was so much fun going to school there and just seeing what the students have day to day and how it differed from St George’s. The CN tower was so much fun, so was Niagara Falls. This exchange has really been such a great experience for me and I highly recommend going if you get the chance.

By Lucia

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