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02 May 2019
A Voice of One's Own

Streetreads 600wIn February St George's hosted the literary event, 'A Voice of One's Own'. The event, held as part of the school’s 130th birthday celebrations, saw a panel of authors, former pupils and pupils debating the most influential women in literature in the last 130 years. 

Due to the success of the event and the generosity of the authors participating we have been able to make a £175 donation to the StreetReads project which is part of the Edinburgh charity StreetWork. One of the StreetWork volunteers Emma Jardine explains in more details what StreetReads is:

Streetreads is a charity initiative which gives books away to homeless readers. Founded in 2016 on the premise that books provide solace in a hard world, we believe that stories can bring an escape from the realities of trauma and homelessness.

We deliver books directly to people living on the streets, and visit care shelters and soup kitchens all over Edinburgh. We tailor the selection of books to our readers' preferences, sourcing particular titles and authors just like a librarian. With foreign language books for our international readers; easy reads and graphic novels for our less confident readers; and reading glasses for our long-sighted readers, we try to provide access to books for everyone.

“Books can transport us anywhere, to times and worlds that excite and stimulate. That’s hugely important, no matter who you are or what your circumstances.” – Ian Rankin

For more information on the StreetReads project please visit their website at:

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