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02 May 2019
Meetings of the Medics-to-be - MedSoc

Medical 225wThursday lunchtimes have come to mark the meetings of the medics-to-be. Meetings are lively discussion forums held weekly, under the club name MedSoc, and open to everyone in Upper School interested in medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. MedSoc has been a place for the development of burgeoning medical interests and the deeper exploration of medical topics.

At the start of the year, as the U6 members began to write and send off their medical UCAS applications, we focused on medical school admissions preparation, ranging from discussions of the entrance tests such as UKCAT and BMAT to the different types of interview styles used by universities. A doctor from MedicMentor spoke at one session, offering valuable advice and insights on the application process. The MedicMentor monthly study guide was used as a basis for subsequent sessions spent exploring topics such as the four pillars of medical ethics, problem-based learning cases related to specific medical conditions and broad debates on the nature of the medical field as a profession.

A group trip to Surgeons’ Hall afforded us the chance to learn about the evolution of the surgical specialty, with the specimens on display dating back to the 1800s. As the school year progressed, we moved towards conversations about current health issues – the emerging role of public health campaigns, the approaching antibiotic resistance crisis and the burdens on the NHS. Towards the end of term, scientific discussions on the mechanisms of particular diseases have been held, with the links between a disease’s cause and its presentation being queried and reasoned out as a group. Conversations related to current research on diseases in fields such as oncology and neurology and popular medical literature ranging from scientific texts such as The Selfish Gene to journals such as Do No Harm and This Is Going To Hurt have also been major parts of our meetings.

MedSoc has been a club characterised by engaging and lively discussions, providing an outlet for medically minded students to express their interests and deepen them through conversation with others similarly motivated.

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