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30 Apr 2019
My Sleepover at Houldsworth

On Saturday my friend Amelia came to stay for a sleepover. When she arrived I showed her my room where she would be staying and helped her to unpack. We were very giggly and had lots of fun! Then we went with some of the older girls to the tennis courts and played a few games. We tried to play tennis while hopping up and down - it was very tricky!

When it started to rain we came back to the House in time for dinner and had a delicious meal of burritos and lemon cheesecake. The evening activity was chocolate fondue. I had a few marshmallows but enjoyed the apples the most, it was very yummy. The next morning Amelia and I had breakfast together and then I helped her to pack her bag to go home. I had a fantastic time!

Tilly (Primary 6 Boarder)

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