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16 May 2019
Primary 3 Visit Hopetoun House

On Wednesday 18th May Primary 3 went to Hopetoun House to find out more about the Victorians. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Mrs Ward and Mrs Wall who led us to the classroom. For the morning we dressed up as servants and I was a scullery maid, but I liked it because the scullery was very cool. I had to dress in a frilly apron and a frilly hat that was way too big!

We got a grand tour and got to see the drawing room, dining room, grand hall, butler’s pantry, servants' bedrooms and lady Hopetoun’s bedroom. As a servant, we had to scrub, polish, iron, ballroom dust and some strange lemon technique. In the butler’s pantry we had to polish candles, iron, scrub and feather dust. My favourite part was when we got to work in the Butler's pantry because the jobs were very cool.

By Agnes, P3X


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