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16 May 2019
Lower 4 World of Work Day

On World of Work day, my group went to Sainsburys. When we first arrived, Gemma took us upstairs and answered all our questions about Sainsburys and also offered us some snacks. It was very interesting, and we learned lots about who founded Sainsburys and how the first Sainsburys opened in 1869. We learnt that one of the first ever thing that Sainsburys sold was butter, and they still have the recipe and we got to try the original Sainsburys butter on bread. 

Then they took us downstairs for a tour. First, we went in the back rooms behind the bakers and they showed us their freezer and told us how it was normally –22 degrees; even standing a few feet back you could still feel the cold air. Then they also gave each us one of their delicious cookies to try.  

We got to see the bakery (which was very clean) where they make all their bread from scratch in the morning. We also saw the place where all the deliveries are received from all over the UK. In the warehouse there were huge cages where they stored their long-lasting products like cereal and clothes. We learnt that they receive their first Easter eggs on Boxing Day and that clothes only stay on the rack for a few weeks and then they go “out of fashion”. 

We had a turn on the checkouts which was quite fun and harder than you may think. We had a great morning; it was so interesting to see how one of the biggest companies in the UK works. 

Chloe and Sofia 

Home Store + More 

A group of girls went to visit Home Store + More as part of World Of Work day. When we first got there, we saw them stocking the shelves and using what they call a ‘Wally’, which is a machine that helps them reach the higher shelves. The manager introduced us to the staff, told us all about the history of Home Store + More and we asked some questions we had prepared. After she answered all our questions, we got a tour of the store and were told about the sections that were most popular and who watches over them.  We were taken to the stock room to see how they get stock up to the floor and how they store it.

After all the tours we played a game where we were given five minutes and a hypothetical £50 to make up our bed for our room. Then we went to get checked out and to see who had the best combination of items and was closest to £50. Once we were all checked out, we went to restock the items on the shelves! Once our visit was over, we were gifted a £10 gift card each, so we could come back and get some of the things that we liked when we were there! 



For World of Work day I went to Boots at Craigleith. When we arrived, we got a warm welcome by the assistant manager. We then went up the staff staircase to a staff room where half of us stayed and the other half went to the shopfront. We were spoken to by a pharmacist who told us her story then a bit about Boots. We  got to package some “drugs” into their boxes (they were just Smarties!). We then swapped and we went down to the shop floor. We got to restock the offer shelves, put new products on and take old ones off. It was great fun. We then all went upstairs and learned about the history of Boots. The boots staff then gave us No 7 gift bags! The whole day was great fun and was a great experience. 



On World of Work day, a group of 15 Lower 4 girls went to a worldwide company called Leonardo. When we arrived, we were given escort passes and went to a conference room where we met our host, Allan Colquhoun. Allan had invited people who were apprentices or people who came after university/college to work and those people told us their story: what were they interested in when they were our age, any difficulties they found during their journey, which department they work in or which project they are currently working on. The main thing their projects are based on are lasers and radars. For example, if a missile that is heat-sensitive came toward the plane, the laser would flash on it so the missile will get confused and it will go the other direction. And for the radars, they will put one on a ship so they can find people in search and rescue. 

We were then split up in two groups and had a tour of the building. They showed us the labs and told us that sometimes they must wear full body suits, hair nets and if they have a beard, beard nets! This is because the lenses that they are making for the lasers are super sensitive. So, a single hair can destroy the entire lens! We also got to see models of radars and lasers. On the final floor we saw something like a museum that showed the 70 years of Leonardo’s work. It was extremely fascinating seeing all those inventions through the ages. 

We came to a stop in the canteen where they said that we could get anything we like. We then made our way to the conference room where we asked any final questions and said thank you and goodbye to our amazing host. 

Overall, we had an amazing time and learned a lot of fascinating facts and gained useful knowledge. 


Forth Road Bridge Visit 

In the afternoon we visited the Forth Bridges Education Centre where we learned a lot about engineering and how to build bridges. We got into groups to do a problem-solving task, which was great to get our minds working. After that, half of the group walked over the Forth Road bridge whilst the other half of the group did a bridge building challenge in groups. To make the bridges we got big sets with poles and connectors. Our task was to design and build our own bridges in 17 minutes. Building the bridge was so much fun as we got to work as a team and be creative. Afterwards, each team had to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their bridge and their teamwork. Two of the main things I learnt on this trip were that we have all been engineers before, even though we might not realize, for example, solving a problem or building something simple. The other thing I learnt was that a bridge is weakest in the middle so that is where it needs the most support. 

Lucy and Charlotte 

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