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16 May 2019
P6 Science - Genetics

DNA Strand 1P6 have been learning about the human body and reproduction. We have been thinking about inherited characteristics that we get from our parents. We learnt that inherited characteristics are passed on in a material inside the cells called DNA. DNA is like a recipe manual for the cell. 

Last week, we went to the Science lab to do an experiment to try and get some DNA from a banana. We mushed up a banana and added some hot salty water and washing up liquid. The banana smelt disgusting!Then we sieved the mixture into a container. After that, we added some very cold alcohol. We watched the container and could very quickly see the DNA coming out. It looked like slimy cobwebs or wet cotton wool. It really was amazing!

Tilly H-S, Zara G and Emerson, P6X


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