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16 May 2019
Trip To The School Kitchen

My class went to the kitchens last Wednesday. We were told that there was a chef who prepared all the fruits, a chef that prepared all the desserts and chefs that prepared the main course. We learned that the kitchen staff started work at around 06:30 when they’d wash their hands and start to collect the boxes of food which they’d ordered. Then they would go to the kitchen and start to prepare the food. The kitchen was quite small with two rather big ovens. I was shocked to learn that they prepared 900 meals a day in a small kitchen. We also learned that they had stopped using plastic cups for fruit and instead had replaced them with re-usable cups because they knew that plastic was a problem for the environment. Overall, it was very interesting to see the kitchens and learn how our food is prepared.

Asmita, P6P

Last week we went on a kitchen visit. The head chef showed us around and it was quite small and only had two ovens but the giant dishwasher was cool. I thought it would be bigger because the chefs have to make 900 meals every day. They come to school at 6:00a.m every morning so they can start to prep the food. Since the new head chef arrived, they have cut food waste down by 60% by putting the food the food that didn’t get eaten the day before into the salad bar the next day. They also stopped using plastic cups where the fruit is and now instead use reusable bowls.

Florence, P6P

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