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16 May 2019
Germantown Friends School Exchange

Being on this exchange might have been the best thing we’ve been allowed to do. It let us to get a true taste of what life is like 3,000 miles away and allowed us to meet people that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. We also got to see areas in America that we might not have been able to go to if it weren’t for the exchange such as places in NYC, Washington DC and in Pennsylvania. When we went to NYC, we found it really interesting and cool to see places and areas we’d only ever seen in movies!

We all found the experience of going to a different school really interesting, especially because Germantown Friends school is so different from St. George’s. GFS is co-ed, they don’t have a uniform and is a Quaker school. We found going to a Quaker school very interesting and we got to experience their unique style of worship. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have made life-long friends. We really appreciated this exchange.

By Beth, Kenzie, Lauren and Saskia

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