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16 May 2019
Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth Exchange

The four of us set out for Texas on April 12th.  As we boarded the plane we were all buzzing with a mix of emotions. We arrived in Texas after a change of flight in Philadelphia and we were all filled with excitement about meeting our new exchange partners. As soon as we got off the plane we headed to the baggage reclaim where our exchanges were waiting with huge banners and even Starbucks drinks. Getting to experience their lifestyles and going to an American school for three weeks was something completely different to what we are all used to but it was one of the best experiences of our lives. Trinity Valley School was so welcoming and we are all very thankful for them hosting us. During our time at TVS we did their outdoor ropes course which was very fun. 

Some girls travelled through to Dallas to visit the Reunion Tower and apparently the view was amazing. We all loved learning about their culture, trying traditional foods like Tex Mex and learning more about Christianity especially when we all experienced a church service. Some girls also got to watch a live rodeo in the stockyards of Fort Worth which taught them a lot about their culture. We also visited malls in Dallas and went to one of the biggest amusement parks in Texas, Six Flags. We were all in floods of tears at the airport; we were just managing to keep ourselves under control let alone keeping our suitcases under the weight allowance!  

We have all gained so much from this trip, especially building independence for ourselves. The four of us are so grateful for this amazing opportunity; this experience is something we will all never forget and we will take on board everything we have learnt. We are all looking forward to welcoming our exchange partners to Scotland and showing them our culture.

Kitty, Havia, Lily and Robyn  

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