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15 May 2019
Sleepover at Houldsworth

I loved my time here; it was great being in the Boarding House and having a sleepover with my friend. When I first arrived we dropped my bag in our room and then had an after school snack in the kitchen - pitta bread with cheese- it was delicious. Then we went to the Big Comm and played table football and after that we made a den in our room using towels, pillows and boxes - it was really cool! Then we wrote our lists for camp in the Big Comm. We went to dinner and I had corn on the cob with stuffed baked potatoes, it was really tasty. At 7.30pm we had mocktails and we made a Mojito. It was really cool measuring out and shaking the ingredients together. We then made some delicious hot chocolate and played a few games of bingo with a bowl of popcorn, after that we got ready for bed.

In the morning it was really cool because I could see St George’s and George Watson’s playing tennis out of the window! Breakfast was really good because there was such a big spread to choose from.

Reene (P6)

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