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06 Jun 2019
L4 Camp – Isle of Bute

On the week of 13 May, Lower 4 went to their outdoor education camp on the Isle of Cumbrae and Bute. One of the days we packed our big rucksacks and got a very fast speed boat to the Isle of Bute and saw the dolphins and porpoises. That day was very hot and extremely tiring. We walked around the coastal path of the island and admired the scenery along the way. We stopped quite often to look around and learn about the history of the surroundings. We stopped to try and balance stones on the beach which was really nice as we worked together as a team.

We arrived at the camp site at around 4pm and played with kites, frisbees and had a big game of capture the flag. We had our dinner which was in a bag and was surprisingly very tasty. In the evening we climbed up a steep hill and worked as a team to get everyone up to the top. We watched the sun go down as we did some very relaxing meditation. We came back to the camping area and had some more hot chocolate and got ready to go to bed.  This was one of our favourite parts of camp as we got to get to know other people and step out of our comfort zone.

Honor and Olivia, L4X



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