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06 Jun 2019
Primary 5 Camp

Stirling Castle Banner 600wOn Wednesday 22 May, all of the P5 girls went off to camp at Lendrick Muir. Here is Anne’s camp diary:


Dear Diary,

I woke up feeling very excited.  WE WERE OFF TO CAMP!

First of all, we went to Wallace Monument. It was wonderful – the wind blowing in my ears, the sum shining on my face. Then we went to Castle Campbell, where I bought a toy hedgehog, a lollipop for my brother and a postcard that had a picture of Stirling Castle on it.  In my dorm I had three of my best friends. After dinner, for dessert, we had Malteser cheesecake. Yummy! Zzzzzzzz……


First night diary! I was sharing a bunk bed and I was on the bottom. Today we cycled, ate marshmallows, sang campfire songs, went on a walk to Rumbling Bridge and did orienteering.  My favourite was the cycling.  We went on a mini obstacle course.  I went on a little see-saw which was easy and a much bigger one, which was so hard that I only managed it at the end. End on a high!

With all that cycling I was tired. I’ll just close my eyes for a bit – Zzzzzzzz… Good Night!



Today we went to Stirling Castle. I got a rock stick for my brother, and I got a really funny picture of my friend because she got a blue rock stick, she licked it and it made her tongue blue!

Funny things that happened at camp:

  • I got to poke my campmate underneath the mattress because I was on the bottom bunk!
  • When we first got our dorms, we whacked each other on the head with our pillows! (sore but great fun!)
  • I had a photo taken with grass all over my hair
  • I didn’t know where dark chocolate bunny was, and we searched, and he was there right in front of us!

We all had a fantastic time!!

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