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06 Jun 2019
Primary 6 Camp

On Monday 20 May, Primary 6 went to Lendrick Muir for their adventure camp. We were all very excited. We travelled to camp in a big bus. We were staying in dorms in a big house. The dorms were different sizes. Some had three bunk beds so six girls could sleep in them and some had more beds. The first activity was the Scavenger Hunt and then we had a delicious lunch. There were lots of different activities in the afternoon: The King Swing, Raft building, Night line, Team Building activities, Low Ropes and Archery. We got to do all the activities over the three days.

On Monday night we had games with inflatables in the Sports Hall. On Tuesday night we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows.  My (Sara) favourite activity was the King Swing because it was really high and like a rollercoaster. My (Mia) favorite activity was Archery. The cutlery game was lots of fun. I was lucky and scored a bullseye and so I was able to eat dinner with a full set of cutlery. Some people had to eat with only a cup! Raft building was very adventurous and there were tadpoles in the small lake that ended up in some people’s hair and shoes!

We were all really sad to leave Lendrick Muir and empty our dorms. A big thank you to all the staff at Lendrick Muir for a wonderful time at camp.

Sara and Mia, P6Q

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