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06 Jun 2019
Primary 1 Visit to Butterfly World and The Secret Garden

As part of their Butterfly and Life Cycle learning, the Primary 1 girls went to Butterfly World. We saw lots of different butterflies and one of them even landed in Grace’s hair! It was amazing to see so many chrysalides that the different types of caterpillar had made. Some of them looked like they were about to open. We also saw an Atlas moth which was amazing because it is the biggest moth in the world and it only lives for 5 days! At the animal handling session, we got to hold a giant millipede, a royal python, a giant hissing cockroach and a tarantula. The tarantula wasn’t nearly as scary as we thought it would be!

After Butterfly World, we went to the Secret Herb Garden. We had our picnic lunch there and then a tour of all the amazing herbs and flowers that Violet’s parents grow. Violet’s Dad told us amazing stories about the fairies in nature and the superpowers of herbs!

We had a lovely day and the sun shone.

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