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06 Jun 2019
Big Owls Trip to the Secret Herb Garden

Our trip to the Secret Herb Garden was a success! Upon our arrival we smelled and touched different types of herbs and chose two to buy and bring back to nursery. The herbs with our favourite scent were rosemary and mint.

Then we visited the glasshouse where the girls enjoyed finding pathways between the patches of flowers and herb bushes. All girls carried a clipboard which they used to take notes and make observational drawings. They loved hiding in amongst the plants and walking in pairs chatting about the flowers! Our visit ended with a lesson on bees from a real beekeeper! Brian the beekeeper arrived in his bee suit and veil. He had a beehive smoker and honeycomb. Big Owls asked numerous questions to learn about how bees grow, where do they live, what do they eat, what boy bees do, why is there only one queen and what happens when the beehive gets too busy!? Brian gave us all the answers and then he asked the girls to draw a honey bee. Pollination was another big topic!

The girls loved our visit to the Secret Herb Garden and talked about it all way through our way back to nursery!

Bee Keeper 600w

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