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20 Jun 2019
Primary 3 Have A Taste of Victorian Education

On Friday, all of the Primary 3 girls visited The Victorian School.  Some of us dressed as Victorian boys and the rest of us were Victorian girls. There were also some cheeky ‘Primary 7’ girls (the teachers) who were a bit naughty! We had to do our 3Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We used a slate and special pen to write on. We also wrote with a nib pen and had to dip it in a pot of ink. It was really tricky to write neatly because the ink blobbed!

The teachers were very scary! We were not allowed to fiddle and so we had to sit with our arms folded at all times.

These are some of our favourite things:

  • My favourite thing was writing with the ink because it was messy and fun!  Sophia
  • My favourite part was when we had to work out how many stamps we would be able to buy with 2 shillings!  Megan
  • My favourite part was when we did the reading on the board because we all had to read together.   Roni
  • I liked when we were doing the 3Rs because it was fun even though the teachers were very strict.  Tabby
  • I prefer the teachers nowadays rather than in Victorian times because the teachers were very strict!     Isla G
  • In the Victorian classroom we wrote with an ink pen and I got it on my fingers!   Sophie
  • We were learning maths in the Victorian classroom and it was hard!    Emily
  • I liked the Victorian classroom because we got to write with slate boards and ink pens.   Isla M
  • I was scared of getting the belt!   Aarna
  • I liked writing in the Victorian classroom because it was very different from writing nowadays.    Samhita
  • My favourite part was when I heard about what the children do after school. They played with yo-yos and other wooden toys.  Agnes
  • I liked when we were in the museum. Larissa had to pretend to repair the leather shoe.    Isla K


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