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20 Jun 2019
Primary 5 Farewell

Last night we had a great time at our P5 Farewell. When we were on stage, everyone couldn’t stop smiling because the audience were clapping so much. First, Mrs Hay welcomed everyone and introduced the first song which was called The Dark Island. There were xylophones, recorders, flutes, cellos, a double bass, violins and the marimba. It was so much fun to play and sounded lovely. We then sang our Spanish song about the weather and told our favourite memories. Most of the parents laughed a lot at these!

Mrs Knox presented us with our books and the teachers read out a paragraph about each of us. Alia got a lovely surprise when she was given a special award for being a great friend. At the end we sang a beautiful song called Believe and surprised everyone with our dance to Can’t Stop the Feeling. When the performance was over, we headed to the St George’s Centre for refreshments. It was a great way to celebrate our time in Junior School.

Sacha and Carolina, P5

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