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20 Jun 2019
Trip to Spain 2019

On 24 May 2019, 18 Remove girls ventured out to the Sierra de Gredos in Spain. When we arrived at our camp – Gredos Centre – we were very tired from a long journey, but we were greeted by friendly staff and a yummy meal. After our first sleep, we split off into two activity groups. All of the activities were done in Spanish, to ensure we learnt as much vocabulary for class as possible. On Saturday morning, we learnt archery and played lots of Spanish games.

After a traditional paella, and a siesta for some, we learnt how to cook a Spanish omelette (tortilla española) from one of the cooks. Everybody got to taste our creation afterwards and we all agreed it was absolutely delicious. Refreshed and refuelled, we moved onto recording a television programme entirely in Spanish. We could do whatever we wanted, as long as we included two minutes of Spanish. In the evening, we were taught about the planets, the stars and the solar system. We headed outside and the instructor pointed out the Big Dipper, Gemini and the North Star. The next day we carried on with our activities. For breakfast we had churros and chocolate sauce and we all enjoyed it lots! Then, we did aerobics. We learnt all the body parts in Spanish and we did a dance battle against the other group. After that we headed to the local village and did a treasure hunt. We all got to know what a typical Spanish village is like and picked up lots of vocabulary. In the afternoon we escaped the heat and went inside to do a creative workshop which was painting plain t-shirts. All of them looked completely different, from koalas to owls, quotes to letters.

Then we learnt about the different eco systems in Spain. We also hiked for a while through the Gredos mountains. We went to the river, the prairie and many of the other eco systems around the Gredos Centre. The following day we went on our excursion to Ávila, and it was very interesting learning about the history of the walls that surround the medieval part of it. When we arrived back at the Gredos Centre for our last evening in Spain, we split into groups and completed a quiz about our time there. The next day, we travelled back to Edinburgh. As a stop-off point on the bus, we went to the Cuevas del Águila. They were very impressive and our guide pointed out lots of stalactites that looked like animals or other things. We were all very sad to leave the Gredos Centre because we had such a thrilling time there, but we were also happy to see our parents and homes. Spain was a fantastic experience that taught us so many Spanish words that we found ourselves saying sí and gracias at home. ¡Adiós España!

Katherine, Ailsa and Beth

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