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20 Jun 2019
New College of the Humanities Essay Competition 2019

Congratulations to Alex (L6) for her essay which has been shortlisted in the New College of the Humanities Essay Competition 2019. Over 3600 entries were received for the competition, so to reach this stage is a great achievement. Alex will be attending the award ceremony next week in London where the winners will be announced. Read Alex's Essay 'What measures can be taken to increase voter turn-out at elections?' (PDF Download)

Alex said:

'I decided to enter NCH's essay competition with an essay answering the question from the topic of politics and international relations. Studying political voting systems in my Higher Modern Studies class piqued my interest in this area. Through the process of writing this essay, I investigated voter turnout and the many factors affecting it in great depth. I now not only have a better understanding of voter turnout and its importance in democracy but through this process, I have also developed my research and essay writing skills as well as a stronger passion for politics.'

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