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06 Sep 2019
Primary 4 Drama Project


Last session Mrs Heather-Hayes Primary 4 Drama classes used the wonderful Michael Morpugo story, Kensuke’s Kingdom to explore Drama and creativity.

In the story, Michael’s parents lose their jobs at the brickworks and decide to sail the seven seas on a boat they call the ‘Peggy Sue’. The class found an old boat in the fantastical forest and scrubbed it from stem to stern. They chose colours to paint the old vessel and here they took on the role of experts with knowledge and experience. They instructed each other on the building of the boat, how they might navigate and used new language as they researched how to make a log book to study the weather and look after the family’s mental and physical health on board the ship.

With the help of Mr Lamont and Kenny we added a seating area and at last raised our sails. We set sail on the Firth of Forth and onward to England, Africa, South America and Australia! Mrs Morrison in Music taught us Sea Shanties and we sang when the weather was bad to keep our spirits up. We used still image to capture dramatic moments and explore the difficulties the journey threw at us as we explored the world of the family navigating our way through the problems we had to solve.


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