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02 Sep 2019
Making Dream Catchers

dream catcher1Wrapping colourful strings around the loop, creating different patterns with sparkly beads, adding strings and feathers, and that’s how you make a gorgeous dream catcher!

Personally, I think dream catchers are elegant room decorations that you can personalise with different splendid colours and exquisite beads. Some people say there were originally used as talismans to protect people while they slept, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. However, in my opinion, dream catchers are something that can calm you down and relax you when looking at them, which is why I am so glad we got the opportunity to make them.

I think you should also try making a dream catcher. Other than just enjoying the time that you spend designing it, you can also enjoy having an inexpensive decoration that can definitely spice up your room.

If you get the chance to design and make a dream catcher, take that opportunity, because it was a lot of fun to make!


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