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06 Sep 2019
Settling in at Houldsworth

hh boarders

Our first week at Houldsworth was good, but naturally a little bit stressful. Once we settled in though, we went on one of the trips to see Cirque Berserk and really enjoyed it. Our first week at school was really busy, and we enjoyed it very much. The teachers are nice, and we get on with most of the girls in my class, as they are very nice.

At first, I didn’t know much about the school, I even got lost in the corridors at one point, but with a friend’s help, I was able to find out where I was supposed to go for my classes. I was glad that I could have the chance to come to St George’s and make new friends, in the school and at Houldsworth. I look forward my next few years at St George’s.

I enjoy the boarding house and the people here are really nice. The weekend activities are very fun, and the meals are delicious!


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