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01 Oct 2019
Moving into Remove!

Lower School 584w2

Going into Remove was quite challenging compared to Primary 6. There were lots of new tasks and responsibilities like using lockers, being at the right place at the right time, having all the books we need and being on time for every class.

In Remove we have lots of teacher's names to remember for lots of different subjects. We have more homework that we must keep on top of, so it doesn’t pile up. In Remove we now have Geography, History, Modern Studies, Health Education, Design Technology and Product Design. In Remove we go to the library with our English teacher. We do lots more projects about the things we are learning.

For the first few weeks we found it hard to get to classes on time and sort out our folders but now we are able to memorise our timetables. All the teachers have been really supportive to us all and are making the lessons enjoyable for us.

Remove has been fun and challenging and we are all looking forward to the next term ahead.

Bella and Mairi (RP)


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