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07 Nov 2019
Kids Lit Quiz - East Scotland UK 2019


On the 31st of October, St George’s competed along with many other schools taking part in the Kids Lit Quiz 2019. Four teams went along to compete (two Junior teams and two Upper School teams). When we were going in the school bus there, we started getting nervous but as we arrived at Liberton High School, we gained more confidence and prepared ourselves for the competition. We discovered that there were 10 rounds and each team was awarded a joker card which would double the round of your choice.

After the competition, we found out that we had achieved 4th place. Four days later we got the amazing news that we were in 3rd place, therefore we made it through!

Overall, we all very much enjoyed going to the amazing Kids Lit Quiz 2019 and we hope that we can all go again sometime!  

Olivia (Remove X)


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