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21 Nov 2019
Remove Trip to the Risk Factory


On the 1st November the Removes went to the Risk Factory. We were put into groups and given an instructor who took us round through different scenarios. The inside of the ‘factory’ had pavements and roads and it looked like we were actually outside. My groups first scenario was a train track and one of the girls was asked to get a £20 note off the track but when she leaned in on a screen a train came down and would have squashed her if it was real.

My favourite bit was when we got put in a house and a fire started (this was a test). We went in and we got the little girl from the wheelchair, the cat and the granny... but when the person next door asked for the key, we made the mistake of going back into the fire.

This was an amazing trip and we learnt a lot of new skills and how to stop accidents by being more aware of the risks.

Katherine (Remove)


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