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21 Nov 2019
Pupil Council lead Junior School Assembly

PCAssembly 3 S

This year, the Pupil Council have been working on strategies and hints and tips for completing homework. On Monday, they led our Assembly for the Junior School, sharing their feedback from their representative classes, on the types of homework that they really enjoyed and how best to complete it.  

 A common thread running through the homework that the girls were given is the variety of options that they enjoy: 

  • Reading  
  • Maths - both Mathletics and written  
  • Topic projects - allowing for flexibility and choice 
  • Spelling  

Some of the top tips for doing their homework that the Council suggested included: 

  • Finding a quiet space at a table 
  • Having a parent nearby to help and check 
  • Being organised with everything you need 
  • Doing your homework early and not too late 
  • Trying your hardest 
  • Write neatly with a sharp pencil 
  • And remember to take your homework back to your teacher! 


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