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21 Nov 2019
Bonfires in Big Owls!

Bonfire 1 S

The second term has started with the Big Owls showing a great interest in bonfires, inspired by the Bonfire night. As the days are now colder the girls have been enjoying a cosy snack around the campfire in the forest, talking about the flames, the sounds and the colours of the fire. At the end of every campfire we collected the burned logs and used them to create drawings in the classroom. The Big Owls loved covering their hands in charcoal and making handprints on paper! 

On Monday the girls helped Mrs Jarvis to make ‘fairy remedies’ over the campfire in the forest. The girls watched as the water boiled in the pots over the fire and smelled the smoke! Many girls said, "I love the smell of the smoke!"

Fire safety will be the next topic on our list! These are some of the questions we would like to answer: What is the sign for fire and how do we call for help? How do we stay safe in case of a fire? Stay tuned to find out what happens when the fire alarm goes off!


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