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21 Nov 2019
Trekking in Annapurna


Waving to you from the peak of Poon hill, where we witnessed a seeping band of vibrant orange and deep red illuminate glistening snow, which coated mother nature’s breath-taking creation – the Himalayan mountains. A huge happy birthday song was sung at the summit – with our fellow 4am trekkers – for our leader Hannah, who beamed from ear-to-ear having received a blooming bunch of beautiful, yellow, wildflowers. Best of all, however, were the stars – prior to the sunrise. Thousands twinkled in the crystal-clear nights sky, like a trail leading to the top.

As expected, the trek was physically demanding. Two hours, or so, of steep steps on day one was a challenge, but one we all overcame – together, as a team. Any pain was soon forgotten, as the sense of achievement overcame us at the sight of the teahouse, where we would take refuge for the night. Days began as the sun peaked out above encompassing mountains and ended as the sun said its goodbyes. Valleys stretched for miles before our eyes, dense with rainforest trees and humid heat. Rushing rivers ran freely, forming waterfalls and leaving gorges in their wake. Water was purified. Toilets were holes in the ground or a bush out of sight. Porters passed with stacks of load on their backs, strapped only to their foreheads and wearing sandals on their feet. Frequent snack stops allowed us all to press pause. Breathe. Stop, just for a second to etch every detail in our minds. Inhale. Exhale.

Spectacular sights, like these, would otherwise be worthless if it weren’t for the struggle. Strength and resilience were required by all. Perseverance was rewarded; perhaps by hot lemon tea, which differed at each hut, or by a coconut biscuit – or three, if Gautam, was offering. Undoubtedly, our guides: Gautam, Miss Strachan, Meg, Mrs. Taylor, Reagan and co., made the trek. Without their selflessness, attentiveness, humour and kindness, morale may not have been so high. With their patient help we were able to overcome obstacles, all while learning masses about our surroundings and having the occasional karaoke. For four days we pushed our boundaries, stepped out of our comfort zones and as the trek came to a close, this was clear.

Together, we had completed it. Together, we had achieved what before may have seemed impossible. Together, as a team.

Eilidh (Lower 6)


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