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05 Dec 2019
Christmas Market and Shopping

Cmas Market 1 S2

On the 24th November we went to the Christmas Market and Princes Street to do some festive shopping. We all agreed that the best part of the day was all the nice smells from the food stalls, like cinnamon, as it started to feel like Christmas. The tasty looking food made us all feel very hungry. We had pancakes and crépes with chocolate sauce and one of us got a burger which was also delicious.

We really enjoyed looking through the shops and Tilly got a very pretty fluffy shawl. We also enjoyed the visit to Waterstones and got to look at lots and lots of books, and get gifts for friends. Ellen was very excited to get a ‘buy one get one half price’ deal at Waterstones, and so bought two new books! We also went to Primark and we got all sorts of things like gloves, some really cool scrunchies, a new hand sanitizer, and lip balm. The Christmas Market was very busy, so we all had to stick together so we would not get separated or lost.

Overall, we really enjoyed the trip and can’t wait to go back to Winter Wonderland so we can go on all the rides!


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