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05 Dec 2019
Murrayfield Ice Skating Trip

Ice Skating 1 S

Going ice skating was a lot of fun, I especially liked skating really fast on the ice. I only fell over once on the ice, but apart from that, I was happy that I could feel myself improving each time I went around the rink. I even got a prize from the houseparent for managing to do a spin. Ashley and Shanna had also been ice skating before, so helped Amy and Danni learn how to do it, too. They improved really quickly and by the end of the trip could go around the rink independently. It was impressive to see how fast they learned to skate without support.

There was Christmas music playing at the rink, which everyone enjoyed skating along to. Even Santa was on the ice rink today, but we decided not to get a photo with him so the younger children could get more time with him.

Overall, it was a really fun trip, and I can’t wait to go ice skating again!


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