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29 Jan 2020
My Panto Journey

Panto 2 SP

Hi, I am Remy and I would like to tell you about my pantomime journey.

I was in the King's Theatre pantomime. I have been in it for the last 3 years. Sadly, this was my last year. 

There are lots of stages on my pantomime journey. The first one is the auditions.

The auditions are held at our studio, EDA HQ, usually in the middle of September.  There are about 40-50 people at the audition but only 16 get to be part of the pantomime babes (that is what we are called). At the auditions we learn a dance and then we must do it one by one in the corner. Then we go home and have a very long two weeks wait before we find out if we are in or not.

The next stage is FINDING OUT!! My mum gets an email from my dance school telling her if I’m in or not and then she must go to a meeting, and she finds out what group I’m in. There are two groups: the red group and the blue group. I have always been in the red group. We have someone in the other group who is our understudy. One day the red group is on and the next day the blue group is on. 

The next stage is REHEARSALS. They start about a month later! They are every day after school and all day at the weekends. They are at The Studio which is behind the Festival Theatre. One of the days we go to the King's and try on all our costumes. This is one of our favourite days! At the end of the two weeks we move to the King's Theatre to rehearse on the stage. Lots of things get changed here because we find out that the scenery is in the way, or the stage isn’t big enough for some things. These are the longest days as we start at 9am and don’t finish until 10 o’clock at night. It’s very tiring and we don’t make it to school at all these days. These are VERY boring days as all we do for most of the day is sit in the auditorium and watch the same thing repeatedly. Then we have a dress rehearsal: one group does one rehearsal and then the other. 

Panto 1 SP

Next is THE SHOW!!!!! and THE TOUR. On the first show everything is very exciting but very stressful! Then shows continue as they are. Nearer to the end we have a theatre tour with a backstage member called Tony; we get shown around the King’s Theatre and get to use the spotlights and move the curtains and the scenery up and down!

Next is THE BABES PARTY and LAST DAY! We make some posters for the babe's party to invite all the cast and crew. At the babes’ party we get all the cast and crew up to our dressing room and there is loads of food that the mummies make and near the end they sign our programs and we get photos with them. Then we go down to the stage and we show the cast and crew a dance from our dance class.

Then it is the last day and we get together, and the red group watch the blue group, then we go to Henrick's for dinner with the other group. Afterwards we must rush off to get ready for the show. At the start we are already a bit sad. At the end of the show, we get mentioned in the finale and get a big round of applause! Then we go upstairs and we all cry!!

Next, we go downstairs to get a photo, then we get on the party bus! On the party bus we play music loud and eat lots of sweets. When that is finished, we are all a little bit happier and we go home.

Being part of the pantomime at the King's Theatre was the best experience; I loved being backstage!

Remy (P6Q)


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