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26 Feb 2020
P6 Road Safety Officers

P6 Road Safety GroupFollowing the Safer Routes To School meeting last term, the Road Safety Officers decided to look for something to help to keep the Lower School girls safe when they are travelling to and from school and during the school day. We came up with the idea of a reflective item for school bags and we searched on Amazon to see what was available. We found some smiley face reflective school bag discs and we thought that they would be perfect. We checked our idea with Miss Imlah who is the chairperson of Safer Routes to School and she thought that it was a great idea. Miss Imlah bought some for the pupils travelling on the school minibuses.

Road Safety ReflectorWhen they arrived we were delighted with them. The Primary 6 Road Safety Officers told everyone in Lower School about the reflective discs in assembly.

We sold the reflective discs at tuck shop for 80p. We made a small profit and we are going to donate this to a Road Safety charity.

 Harriet, Remy, Amber and Selena (Primary 6)


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