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26 Feb 2020
Primary 2 Learn How to Care for Their Teeth

P2 TeethWe had a visit from Dr. Al-Muzian, who works with children who have problems with their teeth. She told us how to take care of our teeth. She told us that we need to brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes. She talked about a cool app that would sing to us while we brushed. She told us which snacks were healthy for our teeth:

  • Cheese has no sugar in it and is a very good snack.
  • Fruit juice is not very good for us because it makes our teeth soft.
  • Fizzy drinks are also not good for us.
  • Milk and water are good drinks for our teeth. Milk also gives us calcium to help our teeth stay healthy.

P2 TeethWe got a sheet with pictures of snacks. We had to guess how many teaspoons of sugar were in the snacks. People with the most correct answers won water bottles or toothpaste.

At the end, we all got a goody bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, an information leaflet, and some disclosing tablets. Disclosing tablets colour the sugary bits on your teeth. We tried the tablets at home and it was quite fun!

Thank you Dr. Al-Muzian for a wonderful talk!

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