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28 Feb 2020
Primary 6 Compete in the Euroquiz Competition

EuroquizOn Monday the 3rd of February, a team of five Primary 6 girls travelled to the Edinburgh City Chambers to compete in the Euroquiz competition. They were Stella, Ella, Victoria, Abby, and Lucy.

Euroquiz is a yearly competition for P6's across Scotland and the questions are about European life, language, culture, history and, geography.

Mr. Diamond came to school one lunchtime to share his knowledge of quizzes with the team. He is Stella's dad. Some members of last year's Euroquiz team also came and shared their Euroquiz experiences with us.

EuroquizAt the competition, we aced the languages section as Ella was wonderful at knowing all the answers. Why? That is because she can speak German!

Unfortunately, our efforts on the other rounds weren’t quite enough to win, but it was a great experience and hopefully the P6's next year will take the school to the final which is held in the debating chamber at the Scottish Parliament. Good luck to next year’s girls.

Stella (Primary 6)


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