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10 Mar 2020
World of Work Day - Boots

BootsOn World of Work day, I went to Boots. When we first got there, the store manager took us upstairs to a meeting room. She told us all about her job and how she got there and then we got to ask her some questions about working at Boots.

Miss Collins then split us into small groups and we started our activities for the day. My group started at makeup. The women told us all about their brand No.7 and their products. We also got our skin colour tested and found out what shades we are and what colours match our skin.

After the makeup, we went into the back for operating. We found out about the deliveries and then we started to stock the shelves. We went to the food counter and wrote down what foods are running low. After, we went back to the storage room and collected the foods we needed. Seeing all the tasty food made us all very hungry!

BootsAfter operating we went to the opticians. We got taught about the eye tests and we got to take pictures of each other's eyes. After, we went to the glasses selection. We got to pick out some glasses and we chose what ones suited us most.

Then for the final activities, we went back upstairs for the pharmaceuticals. We got told about a pharmacist's job and what they had to do. We also got to make our own prescription boxes with smarties!

All the groups then met up downstairs and we took part in a quiz, where we got to run around the shop trying to answer all the questions. My group won!

It was a very nice and fun day at Boots - thank you!

Katie M (Lower 4)


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