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11 Mar 2020
The TCS Oxford Computing Challenge

I did the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge on Friday 6th March in the Upper School computer room.  We had exactly one hour with a timer on the screen. We were given a big piece of paper with a pen in case we wanted to do any sums.

The competition was designed so that we wouldn’t be able to finish it, so we shouldn’t worry about finishing but instead, we should try and answer as many questions as we could. We were told that we would find out the following week if we had got through to the next round. The first questions we did would be quite easy, but the questions would get harder and harder the further we went. I found the first three questions quite easy because of the tutorials I did for preparation on the website, but the other questions were extremely difficult. I only got the first three questions right.

It was a difficult but fun challenge and made my brain think hard and it helped me discover more about coding. Overall, it was a great experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

 Ashmita (Remove)


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