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12 Mar 2020
Primary 3 Visit the Rainforest

P3 AmazoniaAs part of our rainforest topic, Primary 3 travelled to Glasgow to visit Amazonia. It was really hot and humid in the rainforest, but fortunately, it was not raining! We walked through tropical trees and plants and met some amazing rainforest animals! There were poisonous frogs, monkeys, macaws, bats and spiders to name a few.

Next, we went into a classroom where we were able to get even closer to some of the animals and hold them if we wished. We were able to hold Ziggy the Royal Python, Shelly the tortoise and a cockroach. It was incredible to see these animals close up!

Here are some interesting facts we learnt:

I learnt that turtles can swim and tortoises cannot.  -Laurie

I learned how to tell macaws apart; the boys’ pupils are in the middle of their eyes and the girls’ pupils point up as if they are looking up but they look so similar!   -Disco

I learnt that a snake’s skin comes off in big chunks.  -Poppy B

My favourite moment:

I liked seeing the macaws because they were funny when they were loud. -Olivia

I like seeing the poisonous dart frog because they are such small animals and can do a lot of damage. -Alice

I like seeing the bats! They were flying very fast and they are so small. -Katie

The yellow anaconda was very long and scary. -Poppy L

I like the handling session because I got to hold the royal python, a tortoise and a cockroach. -Fleur


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