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25 Mar 2020
Teaching online with Distance Learning

Distance LearningStaff and students at St George's are embracing the challenges of distance learning with enthusiasm - Microsoft Teams (within Office 365) has been particularly useful in maintaining meaningful contact with the girls. Teachers have been using Teams to:

  • Issue instructions, ask & answer questions
  • Share resources (links, worksheets, etc.)
  • Host meetings to video-conference with their classes (teach live guided lessons)
  • Sharing recordings of guided lessons for students who couldn't access them live
  • Talking through topics
  • Demonstrating work by sharing their screens
  • Setting work as assignments, where they can answer quizzes, or upload word documents (or pictures of written or drawn work)

This video is an example of sharing recordings of guided lessons for students.

Learn more about the resources we use at the eLearning portal.


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