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01 Apr 2020
Geography Distance Learning

Mrs Taylor's Upper 5 class are currently revising Urban Geography for an upcoming assessment. Last week they collated a glossary of terminology to support their revision and have been reviewing these for homework.

During remote lessons, they have been playing revision games collaboratively to test their knowledge, just as they would in the classroom. Last week they used an adapted form of 'Taboo'. During a meeting call, one student described a key term whilst the others had to guess the correct term. This week they played digital 'Snap'. Through screen sharing, they viewed a series of PowerPoint slides containing key terms and definitions with the aim of identifying pairs across consecutive slides.

In addition to this, they have been completing skills questions focusing on using figures and sources of information such as graphs and maps. The girls have been attempting these individually and then discuss their answers, and any queries, as a class through Microsoft Teams.

Mrs MacKinnon’s Lower 5 class have been learning about the formation of glacial landforms. Having reviewed these together in a previous Team meeting they then learnt named examples found on the Isle of Arran, which is a showcase for alpine glaciation, right on our doorstep.

The students were keen to bring their learning alive with real life examples. During their meeting call, Mrs MacKinnon taught students how to identify glacial landforms on an Ordnance Survey map, to enhance their mapwork skills, characteristics of landforms and named examples. The lesson then moved on to land-use in Arran and the importance of tourism to the island.

Despite not being able to go on their field trip, due to current restrictions, the Lower 5 geographers are all very much looking forward to visiting the Isle of Arran in the near future with the department where they will experience first-hand the spectacular and awe-inspiring glaciated scenery.


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