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01 Apr 2020
English Distance Learning

Mr Leask's Lower 5 class are preparing to write an essay on JB Priestley's play, 'An Inspector Calls'. To ensure they knew what was expected of them, they spent a lesson looking at the Assessment Objectives (AOs) and some exemplar essays. The students had already read the essays before the lesson, and highlighted where they could see evidence of interpretation and the use of context.

During the remote lesson, Mr Leask created a poll for the girls to quickly indicate their judgement on the essay, in terms of how well it had scored. Then they reviewed their judgement in line with the Assessment Objectives. As they discussed the AOs in more detail, the girls realised they had been a little too generous, before settling on the actual mark awarded by the exam board.

This was a great way to keep the class engaged, to quickly solicit their opinions and then consolidate their awareness of the assessment, in preparation for writing their own essays.


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