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01 Jun 2020
Edinburgh to Bulawayo - Day 1

Day 1 Bremen, Germany

After such a hot day, all participants are cooling off in the Weser River (the longest river flowing entirely in Germany) running through the middle of the city, just 60km upstream from where it enters the North Sea.

All are somewhat wary of water pollution from Bremen’s bustling manufacturing industry (make aircraft, cars, and quite a centre for food processing). Those old enough are enjoying Becks Beer direct from the brewery, and all have set up camp in the shadows of the beautiful Gothic style 15th Century buildings in the Marktplatz (Market Square), whilst being only a little disturbed with air traffic from Germany’s nearby 12th busiest airport.

Sadly no time to visit the many historical galleries and museums, including the City Hall – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An early start is required by all teams to see what further distance towards Bulawayo they can make – which will start with travelling through the distinctive river marshes carving their way through old glacial moraines as they continue on their way to Zimbabwe.


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