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02 Jun 2020
Edinburgh to Bulawayo - Day 2

Day 2 Moscow (via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia)

Amazing mileage today. All hard work cycling and running up and down the amazing wild landscapes of the Tatra Mountains in Poland on the way.

Barely time to take in the beautiful 14th century Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania. Much easier traversing the very flat landscape of Latvia (where some 98% of the country is under 200m in elevation).

What a place to end up – Moscow, the Capital City of Russia – one of the world’s largest cities (this one located on the Moskva River), and the most populous city in Europe (population some 20mn people – some four times the size of the population of the whole of Scotland). To say this will be a contrast to Bulawayo once we eventually get there is an understatement!

I have heard reports that some team members have got themselves tickets to attend the Bolshoi Ballet, Others are trawling the street markets looking for Russian Dolls to take home as souvenirs. Others are in awe at Red Square (and the history that every brick there resonates), and others are admiring the Kremlin firmly from the outside only!

Dreaming of being back out in the fresh air and breath-taking vistas of wild landscapes as our route continues tomorrow.


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